Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thundering On

Just a quick hello before I take another dose of coffee. I hate having to burn the candle at both ends.

Martino Gamper is a fascinating man, but his ability of deprive me of sleep is becoming rather tedious, Eddie Izzard is keeping me relatively sane though. (I think I've got through the MMVI Live boxset at least five times within the last week?)

Anyhoo, here's some sketchbook work:

Started work at HMV yesterday. I have a shiny new purple t-shirt with shiny new badges. What an awesome uniform.


Saturday, 14 November 2009


Yes, I failed my third driving test, on one observation. All because I listened to my instructor before my test. Oh well. Next one is booked for the 1st of December.

Welcome Martino Gamper and his 100 Chairs to my current Uni project.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Fiat requested I send them an image of myself depicting what I do for the website they launch on December 7th in regards to the student bursary..

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Well. For a week of illness it's been unexpectedly eventful. Infections and bad reactions to antibiotics are far from appreciated, as are computers insistent on crashing. However, I've done surprisingly well for myself on the money front..!

The Fiat group offer out a select amount of student bursaries to children of employees in higher education, which I duly applied for in September.. Earlier this week I received confirmation as to the success of my application for the £4,000 bursary.. Winner! I've also been reimbursed £125 by the tax man, ahthankyew, given a £300-something low income bursary from the Uni, am selling my Macbook this weekend for £450 and have bagged myself a Christmas job at HMV. (Superb interview, much laughing in spite of my desire to be wrapped up in bed with a sick bowl. Still feeling quite nauseous.)

On a bad note, I've hardly had chance to touch commission and course related work, there's the obvious illness reasoning, and the Macbook Pro being a fool by crashing on me three times, each time requiring I re-install the system (two install discs and Snow Leopard - takes about four hours a time!) Ho hum. I've then tried to install Snow Leopard on the Macbook for the sake of selling it and found the CD drive no longer works. All bloody good fun(!)

I'm blathering on. This isn't what this blog was intended for, but I feel I need to explain my absence.

Driving test no.3 Tuesday. Intent on feeling better for it. Need to pass really, would make life so much easier considering Jeremy's tax and MOT are due this month.

Here, I'll leave you with my Jeremy beast..

And here's my dad's rather neglected Mog, "Daisy-May"..

Poor old dear. =(

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Well - that's that project over with.

I'm tired now. Yes, it's been three days, but I still feel like I'm trying to catch up on sleep. However, clocks go back tonight so hey, I get an extra hour!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Beat it, flaps.

I fear I may have OD'd on Black Books and Hairspray this weekend.
Ah. Just under two hours sleep and all I have to show for being kept awake is my harlot.. InDesign layout, and a few more prospective grey hairs.
One down, two to go.

Not much to report, just spent the last week slaving away by my desk.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Derren Brown

I'll admit - I've always been fascinated by Derren Brown. But after following up a link he tweeted this morning, I feel I must now adore the man..
If you haven't already, do me the greatest of favours and click the image below..

Gawjus, non? I've always wanted to grasp the art of caricaturing people, but never feel confident with the exaggerations I make.

Oh well. Anyway, coursework..
As much as the above image ties in well with my three point concept, it currently has no direct connection to the article itself. The basis is there to work on, and I have my ideal design for all three illustrations sat dallying about in my mind, I just now need to find a biro and get on with them..

I am so miffed about being encouraged (through "workshops") to pursue nonliteral approaches in reference to the brief. I fully appreciate that these workshops are set to allow us to broaden our approach to design, but I just feel that with regard to the content of the brief, they were set at the wrong time.

To look at it logically, you, the illustrator, aren't going to be behind every reader's shoulder explaining the connection between your concept and the article just so they can comprehend it; that would be absurd. Therefore any illustrative narrative should come as a direct response to the body of the article, it should tie in comfortably and speak for itself.

I just feel the approach we've been pushed towards is wrong. I feel the initial "listen to it once" was a waste of a week. You can't formulate ideas without having studied what you've been asked to respond to.

With all this in mind, I'm actually quite looking forward to the crit on Monday for hand-in.

Anyway, I now have a nose to blow and a biro to find..

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Stamp me Helvetica

I'm contemplating getting a tattoo. A small tattoo. A perfectly formed tattoo. A beautiful tattoo. A Helvetica tattoo.

My issue is (with tattoos as a whole) as much as I have an utter adoration for the art, I don't trust people.. Or myself.. I'm nit-picky; if I design something I expect it to be as perfect as I can possibly make it, but if I hand it to someone else to transfer onto a part of my body I'd expect it to be a million times better than perfect. Thus, making the whole permanent thing with the medium rather annoying.. And not only am I a nit-picking perfectionist but I'm also female, which begs another problem; it is my obligation to change my mind every five minutes, therefore I can never settle on a desired design for more than the stated time.

This is where our good ole' friend Helvetica comes in. It's classic, sexy, timeless, inspirational, versatile and just generally really rather epic. I've been toying with the idea for a while, but have shelved it each and every time because I fear it be considered just too.. Ermm. Pretentious?
This said, after a good half hour browsing for other folk with Helvetica tattoos, I came across..

Which I actually think has sold me to the idea.

So, here I am looking for opinions. Care to share?

(By the way, what's up with blogger double spacing between some paragraphs but behaving with others?.. This has taken me half hour to format properly!)

Monday, 12 October 2009


In more ways than one. My nose refuses to play ball as does my brain.
Failed driving test number two, by the way. Next one is booked for November 10th. Sigh.
Not much else to report. Just spent the day having a blast with inks, for the sake of Miss Woolf.


Friday, 2 October 2009

Poor Beggar

Over the past few days I've come to realise that my student loan isn't going to last me out to Christmas.. Which should make both the festive season and my 21st a rather interesting affair.

I've also realised NatWest are evil, money grabbing pillocks.. Charged for being overdrawn by 1p! What gets up my nose is that they waited a whole month before actually informing me of this, so the charge thundered up from an already unreasonable £26, to £81.05!
Sigh. Oh well.

First crit of the year today (..yesterday?) I feel reasonably confident so far, it's concise yet explored research, but most important of all, done. Concepts currently fail me, but hey, I've a week to mull things over so hopefully something will slap me in the face.
I don't like Virginia Woolf. She bores me. I feel uninspired by her words (I guess that's why I've substituted in Fry and Unwin..) And most of all, she reminds me of Thatcher (purely from a vocal perspective.)
I just want to illustrate..

Driving test tomorrow, attempt number two, another £123.
Fingers crossed, for my pocket's sake.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Half a sketchbook down..

..And only a week and half in. I feel this is good progress, that and my workspace is still relatively tidy, which in itself is quite an amazing feat. That said, sitting the glue and water bottles next to each other is most certainly an idea to be revised.

I'm having far too much fun with Stephen Fry and Stanley Unwin.

Silly buggers.

This blogging thing is peculiar. I have no idea if people read this, which, I guess, makes me wonder why I decided to bother blathering on..

Saturday, 26 September 2009

And so it begins..

I'm sat here flicking through today's Guardian Guide.. And by flicking I mean I've jumped straight to the "What we learned on the web this week" article, which always tickles me. This week has a rather amusing link in regards to cheese and typefaces. Go figure.

Whilst on the subject of interesting websites, here are some awesome Tube Map variations I came across a while back.

So, yes, first week back at Uni over. Now to use the weekend to start getting stuff into sketchbooks whilst working from my lesson notes..

£25 worth of two new Molekine sketchbooks. Why I feel I need to spend that much on them I don't know. Oh well, they're nice to work in I guess. It's a new start, back to working like a madwoman, I'm allowed to treat myself.

Speaking of treating myself.. 

OHYESOHYESOHYESOHYES. Eddie is back and I have me two tickets for the 6th of December. Would have preferred to have actually turned up for the gig at the Shaftsbury Theatre I had tickets to last year, but hey, Wembley'll be just as good I'm sure. Eeeeee!
No, I don't have an obsession..

Friday, 25 September 2009


Terrible morning. Terrible driving lesson. Terrible consumption of YumYums..
Here's to feeling better:

I'm especially impressed by the correct spelling.
And the weekend begins..

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I seem to have had this account for years, but have never got round to utilising it. Not a particularly apt time to be doing so, as I'm assuming the second year of Uni isn't exactly a pushover, hey ho!
Here's hoping this blog shaped beast will give me a little push in the right direction.