Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thundering On

Just a quick hello before I take another dose of coffee. I hate having to burn the candle at both ends.

Martino Gamper is a fascinating man, but his ability of deprive me of sleep is becoming rather tedious, Eddie Izzard is keeping me relatively sane though. (I think I've got through the MMVI Live boxset at least five times within the last week?)

Anyhoo, here's some sketchbook work:

Started work at HMV yesterday. I have a shiny new purple t-shirt with shiny new badges. What an awesome uniform.


Saturday, 14 November 2009


Yes, I failed my third driving test, on one observation. All because I listened to my instructor before my test. Oh well. Next one is booked for the 1st of December.

Welcome Martino Gamper and his 100 Chairs to my current Uni project.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Fiat requested I send them an image of myself depicting what I do for the website they launch on December 7th in regards to the student bursary..

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Well. For a week of illness it's been unexpectedly eventful. Infections and bad reactions to antibiotics are far from appreciated, as are computers insistent on crashing. However, I've done surprisingly well for myself on the money front..!

The Fiat group offer out a select amount of student bursaries to children of employees in higher education, which I duly applied for in September.. Earlier this week I received confirmation as to the success of my application for the £4,000 bursary.. Winner! I've also been reimbursed £125 by the tax man, ahthankyew, given a £300-something low income bursary from the Uni, am selling my Macbook this weekend for £450 and have bagged myself a Christmas job at HMV. (Superb interview, much laughing in spite of my desire to be wrapped up in bed with a sick bowl. Still feeling quite nauseous.)

On a bad note, I've hardly had chance to touch commission and course related work, there's the obvious illness reasoning, and the Macbook Pro being a fool by crashing on me three times, each time requiring I re-install the system (two install discs and Snow Leopard - takes about four hours a time!) Ho hum. I've then tried to install Snow Leopard on the Macbook for the sake of selling it and found the CD drive no longer works. All bloody good fun(!)

I'm blathering on. This isn't what this blog was intended for, but I feel I need to explain my absence.

Driving test no.3 Tuesday. Intent on feeling better for it. Need to pass really, would make life so much easier considering Jeremy's tax and MOT are due this month.

Here, I'll leave you with my Jeremy beast..

And here's my dad's rather neglected Mog, "Daisy-May"..

Poor old dear. =(